Friday, March 28, 2008

It's 40 degrees out, but... least you can take a look at this and know that Spring is here, and warmer weather is most certainly on the way. Somewhere. Someday. :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks, everyone...

Hey everyone...just wanted to drop a line that we're still alive and kickin' over here. Obviously, the last 17 days have been nutso with the birth of A.J. and subsequent getting-to-know-you-at-home period. Plus, I've been traveling a bit (much to everyone's chagrin) for work.

As expected, not much has happened, house-wise, around here. We're lucky to have things still relatively organized. Obviously, this can and will probably change as time goes on. But eventually, very soon in fact, we're going to be getting back into home improvement. I have to make good on my promise to get the basement done sooner rather than later.

I did go out and look at some basement remodeling books, and actually bought one that had a fantastic idea for lighting. I wanted to do something different down there, other than the can lights that everyone does. They're cool, but I wanted something different...that's just how I am. I thought about sconces, and I may still do a few sconces. But I have a "bright" (hardy, har, har) idea...we'll have to see if it will fit in my plans.

We're pretty much set to schedule the plumber to come in, except that I have to tear down the soffit that is protecting the water pipe he's going to replace. So I need to find some time to do that, and some time to rip off the last long wall of wood paneling.

I think I'm going to tear down the furring strips that are on the wall and have a cousin of my wife (who is in construction) frame the walls up with 2x4s for me, so I can insulate using fiberglass batts. It's been a long, tough decision, but that appears that it'll be the best option for me, so far as I can tell. I could probably frame the walls to be plumb and square, but he'll be faster at it, which is key.

Also, I'm waiting on my cousin's man to call me and come measure for the fireplace and all that...obviously, there's little to no rush on any of this, but soon there will be more urgency. Especially since, once it gets really warmer around here, I'm going to be itching to get outside and start knocking out our "outdoors" to-do list.

So sit's still going to be much fun around here. For now, though, enjoy this:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fixing curb appeal, one baby at a time...

stork sign 2
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Well, our house just got one population point larger. Welcome, A.J., who was born at 1:01 am Sunday. And thanks, family, for the nice answer to making our curb appeal the best on the block. A.J. and Mommy are now home, healthy and happy.

That's the latest, for now...much to take care of though, so I'll "see" you all soon.