Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunflower harvested...

aj and sunflower 2
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So, here's a picture of the 11-inch sunflower I harvested earlier this week. I know I promised pics of the gardens, but of course, the minute I promised them, the storms rolled through and mowed a lot of things over on me. So the nice, straight-standing flowers and veggies were pushed around pretty badly.

Anyway, this sunflower head produced enough seeds to fully cover a standard cookie sheet for roasting. Quite a lot of seeds...and this is the first sunflower I've EVER grown in my life. So I was psyched!

Plus, I've been working whenever I can on the paver walkway around the raised veggie beds in the back. I'm making so-so progress, though I'm not in any particular hurry, to be honest. It should look good and should solve the problem of drainage back there once and for all.

That is good, because I'm having a tough time with my cherry tomatoes this year splitting while on the vine. I've read in a couple places that means that they're getting too much water (and thus the insides are growing faster than the skin can keep up)...well, since the storms have left standing water in between the raised beds back there for a day or more at a time, yeah, I'd say they get too much water. So, hopefully the paver walkway (with its crushed base foundation and such) will help keep the standing water away from there.