Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lots of other things...not a lot of reading...or working...

Well, I guess I neglected to mention that Gina's grandma died last Friday in my last post, but because of that, it's been pretty darned busy around here, with the wake and funeral last week and all. So there wasn't much done around here at all, really.

Further adding to the list of things to do, we're getting her Grandma's sofa, which was handmade by her Grandpa (whom she never met) back in the day. It's a really neat design, truthfully...I'll post pictures once we get it. Some might think it too "Victorian" or loungy or something like that, but I think it's really nice, actually. You couldn't get a couch like this.

It will be the first legit piece of furniture in our basement family room. Which has yet to be remodeled, of course. But, hey, sometimes, you don't have a choice as to when you get things and when you don't. In this case, we don't have a choice. Also, we'll be getting her fridge, which is old, but in much, much better shape than our basement fridge, which is rusting and partially broken inside.

So that means, next weekend, we're going to be working our asses off...on Sunday, since I already have plans for Saturday. I'll have to rent a truck, and maybe we'll also clean out as much of the storage space as we can. It's going to be an exercise-filled weekend, that's for sure.

But, in the meantime, maybe I'll try to paint a little bit tomorrow. We'll see. I haven't TOUCHED that room in ages. All these commitments and things, I tell ya. :)

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