Saturday, June 14, 2008

OK, name this flower...

mystery flower
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Since I didn't get much feedback on my "Name this bug..." post, hopefully I'll get somebody who can help me find out what this is. I didn't plant it, and it looks like it's in an old garden area, so it could be a reseeded perennial...but we didn't have these last year, that I'm aware of.

It only seems to open in the morning, if that makes any difference...there's a wider shot of the whole plant also up on Flickr...any help would be appreciated. I feel as though if it's something cool, I can transplant it and save it.


Anonymous said...

This is a goatsbeard, a non-native plant that looks like a giant dandelion-esp when it goes to seed. It doesn't hurt anything and is neat to look at, but probably came in on the wind.

More info at

Andy said...

Thanks anonymous! I knew I could count on somebody to help! :)