Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking for Ikea Trofast reviews/alternatives...

Hey, wonderful, glorious readers of Build a Better Bungalow (and wherever else this might end up...Google?

I need some help. Going into Christmas, we knew our son would get tons of toys for his first Christmas...we knew it. But we didn't have a toy box or toy "storage." Well, he did, and now we have to make our move!

I don't want just some old toy box, even though a traditional box would be, well, traditional. I want a storage unit that will allow sorting of the toys and will prevent little pieces from falling to the bottom and being forgotten or lost. I also want something that can change as he gets older and will give us some versatility. As such, Ikea's Trofast system came to mind. Here's a picture and a link:
So, aside from the Ikea Web site really, honestly sucking, and my general derision toward the thought that I would buy anything at Ikea (I don't like the quality I've seen on many things I've browsed or that my wife has owned from them, and typically I'm not attracted to their styles of furniture), this does actually seem like it would be a solid purchase to make.

My question is, has anyone out there used this system at all? Any positives? Negatives? Any better options out there at other stores that might cost less but provide more or equal to Ikea?

My wife and I traveled all the way to the Ikea in Schaumburg today, but couldn't find this particular combination or figure out how to get it. And, after dealing with a stupidly laid out store (again, my humble opinion, but I shouldn't have to lug my 9-month-old son in the doors, up an escalator and halfway across the 2nd floor to get a shopping cart -- he's not a feather, you know), invisible employees and other headaches, I decided to leave and see about getting it online. Of course, I got back here and checked, and I can't order this specific combination I wasn't happy about that.

So, I'm actually hoping someone else will give me a better store/better option than Ikea! Comment away!


Cheryl said...

I was also looking at this system. Take a look at this link to see them in actual children's rooms. Pretty nice I think!

Anonymous said...

I have the trofast in pine in my son's atic bedroom and also in our playroom. I love the functionality of them. I am looking to buy several more units to give my daughter some storage space as well as more for the playroom. I must admit that the pieces we bought were purchased via craigslist which made them even more attractive to me.

Anonymous said...

I actually purchased 3 of these white Trofast frames you have pictured (I used 6 small green & 3 large white tubs). We put them inside a niche (used to be a small short closet & I took the doors off) in our son's room, they actually fit almost flush, so they look very much like built-ins.

It's working very well, what I like about them is that toys & games can be kept in their prospective tubs & carried downstairs, for my 10 month old to play with. Then when it is time to finishing playing they all go back, in his room & in their place. Great for children to learn clean-up & organization early on, in my humble opinion. Only cons are: expensive & have to anchor to the wall for safety (which we have yet to do) but I think for what is out there, it's a great deal.

I think it's worth buying the 'stopping' pegs or whatever they are called so the tubs stay put & do not fall out through the back.