Monday, January 19, 2009

Step one: Completed...

drain tile
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I only took one picture of the drain tile and pit installation, because I've been too busy otherwise. Here it is.

Suffice to say, aforementioned Contractor B, whom I now feel comfortable giving a public recommendation, was magnificent. The crew from A Better Crawlspace was great. They got in, got the work done and got out in about 6 hours. The foreman was excellent, excellent, excellent. I am typically a curious homeowner when it comes to work being done. Not because I don't trust the contractor, but because I want to learn and understand what is going on. That said, I'm not a hawk either. I think I went down there only about 4 times just to check on progress, understand what they were doing and whatnot. I also teased them about how good their lunch smelled. :)

We got the drain tile installed along the perimeter wall of the family room, into the front "cold storage" room under the front porch and stairs (where the real water problem was), and into a sump pit, which they dug and installed. No pump (probably won't be needed), but I have the option of patching a sump pump into the tile system later if needed.

They cleaned up as much as they could (which was a lot), and all that was left for me to do was to shopvac the floor to get whatever extraneous dust was left. I also mopped and soaked down a path to and from the laundry room, so we don't drag dust through the house.

Now, the next steps are to finish what is left of demolition on the walls, get the plumber out to finish his little bit of work and reconvene with my cousin-in-law about getting the walls framed and up. Followed by insulation and drywall...all by Feb. 28. This is a good start.


Green Fairy said...

Glad to hear the work is going well. A Better Crawlspace was out today to work on my mom's place. I didn't make it over there, but she was there and seems pleased with the progress. They couldn't get the concrete poured today, but should be done by 11 or so tomorrow morning. They did discover two major cracks in the crawlspace that were leaking water, not just seeping, so we ended up paying an extra $190 or so to get those repaired.

Thanks for the links to The Box House!

sweetlenny said...

I'm totally the same way with contractors. I was secretly wanting to offer to help my carpet installers just so I could learn how they do it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, great progress! I'm like you...I don't mean to appear untrusting, I'm just naturally curious and find it all quite fascinating. I never pass up a chance to learn, especially if it might save me money the next time around. I guess not all clients are like us, so it seems kind of odd.

Keep us updated on this project!