Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last year/this year and before/after ...

CURB APPEAL, sort of...
Last year, here's what it looked like after I finally pulled out one of the evergreen bushes and planted a rhododendron and Sutherland Gold Elderberry, as well as a handful of ferns at the base:
shrubs in

This year, here's the update:
bushes year 2

I hate covering up the beautiful hardwood stairs:
stairs before 1

But after I slipped and dropped my son down the stairs, there was no way I wasn't having them carpeted. A handrail is next on the docket (though it would not have prevented the accident...). He's OK, but hell of a scare:
stairs after 2

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Debbie said...

Hi, I stumbled upon your blog yesterday. I love your house!

I am bidding on a house tomorrow, it's 101 years old!

I'm trying to read as many DIY home remodel sites I can find, as I can see already I will need to strip & refinish the hardwood floor, pull up carpet, etc.

Your house has come a long way!