Monday, March 8, 2010

Curses, foiled again...

The point of this blog, other than to share with all of you my successes and failures, is/was in order to also provide a fail-safe way of cataloging for myself everything I'd done, to learn from failures and reap the benefits of success over and over again.

Of course, fail-safe proves to be a failure in this case!

I've been hunting all over the house for the seed packets for the veggies I bought and grew last year, specifically the broccoli and carrots. They were so tasty and very successful, I wanted to buy that variety again. Haven't found them yet (I swear they're here somewhere), but I thought maybe I'd mentioned the varieties here -- of course not. DANG!

Ah you can tell, I've got the itch to get the garden plans going -- especially since I got a huge 30-pound load of processed poultry manure fertilizer pellets that supposedly will make my veggies ROCK this year (even more so than last year)! Since I got this for free (a random job perk, believe it or not), they have no reason to sell me on the effectiveness. We'll see how it goes, of course... :)

Anyway, I gotta figure out the varieties of carrots and broccoli...where did I put those packets!? :)

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Sandy said...

Sure hope you find those seed packets! That drives me crazy when I put something away for safekeeping and then it has become so safe even I can't find it! LOL