Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vegetable raised beds retrofitted and extended...

In order to lay patio pavers around my raised veggie beds in the back (and once and for all end the flooding back there!), I had to make some modifications to make life easier -- in other words, limit cutting of pavers as much as possible. I'm not looking for "perfect" or "beautiful" here, I'm just trying to get the pavers down right, but easy.

Anyway, to refresh your memory, here is a photo of the four raised veggie beds as they originally appeared (this is actually a picture of three of them...the fourth wasn't finished yet in this photo, in the back).
3 garden beds

So, I had to pull out all the blocks and bricks and replace them with more permanent cedar boards. I also took the closest bed to you in the picture and doubled its size to 8 feet long (toward the camera). So now it sticks out past the garage (see the corner of the garage in the lower left). My plan is to "build" a sandbox for my son (and second kid too, obviously), to the left of the long raised bed, in the new corner created by the bed and the garage. That would give them some shade when they're playing. But that's a project for another time.

So, today I finally finished replacing all the blocks with wood, and that means I can move on to starting the paver process. I will try to take pictures next time I'm out there, because I should mention that I did all this replacement and adjustments without digging out any of the veggies I had planted. :)

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