Wednesday, August 8, 2012

risers installed

risers installed
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Of course, it began raining once I finished the risers and started on the treads. So now I have to delay the work. I have the treads all laid out and ready to go, it's just raining.
I got the bottom tread boards cut (around the posts and attached, with the shims and all.

It's nice and solid, so I'm excited about nearly being done with the stairs, finally. Maybe there will be a break in the weather a little later...

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Andy said...

And there was a break in the weather...after dinner, I went out and began working on the treads. I got five of them done, with only the top two remaining, before it got too dark to work anymore. I did drive two screws into each of the top tread boards, however, making the entire staircase functional again -- I'll just have to pull those screws, level the treads and completely secure the treads in their proper spot the next time I have the chance to get out there again.

Then, it's on to the deck surface (and whatever fun the joists below it may pose)...