Friday, August 24, 2007

Comparatively speaking...

...we got lucky. Our backyard flooded, and for a time last night, I thought it was going to make it to the house (and thus, the basement stairwell). If it reached that stairwell, all bets would have been off. I don't know if the drain outside that door works, or if it could even handle that amount of water flowing in. Thankfully, it stopped about 10 feet short. But, even now, there is still water to the west of the garage, as seen in these pictures, about 4pm. Last night, the water was all the way to where I was standing in the first picture, a good 10 feet or so from where the water ended (as best as I could tell) in these photos. Unfortunately, this is the area where I want to plant my major garden--not the prairie idea (as referenced in "Garden planning..."--wow, two references in two days!? Have I been doing this long enough?). That means that I'll probably have to fill this area in pretty good in order to prevent it from becoming a wet mess every time--and really because I don't particularly WANT wet-soil-loving plants, mostly. Gonna have to get them high and dry.

Anyway, as I mentioned, the water has receded a lot, but it's still pretty deep. That grass that you see submerged is quite long--it hadn't been cut in a while. So hopefully it will go down and we'll get minimal rain tonight. It would be nice.

Also, I realize this is really minimal problems compared to some others (Our Little Bungalow, for one example...two coworkers who ended up with three feet plus of water in their basements another example, among others), but for me, at least, this is a big deal...thankfully, it wasn't any bigger a deal--hopefully it stays that way.

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Our Little Bungalow said...

Hey like you said any water is a BIG deal! I think we've had enough rain to last us through...oh let's say January. We're good. We're under another flash flood warning tonight. We'll see how the basement holds, I hope your backyard drains soon, and NOT into your basement!
You could always plant a water garden! :-)