Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where have you gone, Mr. Bungalow?

We're still here...just had a bit of a more relaxing weekend...well, not really. I had a hay fever attack that really limited me on Sunday--though I did fight through it to cut the grass, which needed it. Otherwise, I've been slowed by busy-ness at work and in life in general to really get anything done around here. Not that anything's truly pressing right now. Sure, there's things to do, but nothing super urgent, you know?

Anyway, I know Gina and her parents have been busy cleaning the second bedroom upstairs in anticipation (nearly 7 months ahead of time) of the new baby. She COULD post about it, but I don't know if she even knows how to do so. Not much to fully report there anyway, I guess...They're prepping it so I can prime and paint it. I'll have before and after pics when we get down to the nitty gritty. It's about half drywall and half wood paneling. I'm just going to sand down the paneling and paint it. I'm not ripping it all out. It's not worth it (at least not at this stage, anyway)...of course, that opinion may change in time. We'll see.

I've been eyeing a bunch of furniture and a new light fixture/chandelier for the dining room, but we'll have to see. I'm afraid to pull the trigger...maybe something will push me to do it. We shall see.

So many ideas just bouncing around in my head, and so little funds and time to do such things! :)

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