Saturday, October 13, 2007

All right, more mess...

Just when we felt as though we had most everything put away (not really), it's about time, we went and cleaned out the storage facility. Thank you very much, that's $120 a month back in our pockets. But it's a mess around here again, of course. :) Of course, one of the neighbors we had not met walked by and asked if we were moving in...I said, no, actually, we've been here for about 5 months now...yes, it took us five months to find the time to clean out the storage unit...that sucks, but hey, time is what it is.

The good news is, we had no problems getting Gina's grandma's fridge, and -- what I was more concerned about -- her sofa, into the basement. We had to take two doors off, but we got the couch in! So that's sitting in the basement family room, waiting for that room to be refinished, probably over the winter, I hope. When I re-locate the camera, I'll take a picture of it, so you all can see the fine craftsmanship -- Gina's grandpa built it from scratch long, long ago. So, it's an heirloom, it's a little "vintage" looking, but it's not out of style, I would say.

We also were able to get the old basement fridge out and the "new" fridge in without a problem. The old fridge was gone within 30 minutes of being in the alley...those junk guys move fast, let me tell you.

Tomorrow, I have to go to my aunt's house down on the South Side to see what we can inherit from there...for some, this would be a morbid weekend, in that we're picking up furniture and such from the homes of deceased relatives, but it's not.

Really, it's more tiring than anything. So now the fun of going through all this stuff begins. Hopefully, we'll be able to find space for everything.

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