Monday, October 1, 2007

Mold? Probably just's been a bad year...

So, I was growing more and more concerned about the hidden presence of mold in this house, particularly as I found myself sneezing and occasionally coughing, despite my continuous battle through the use of Claritin on a daily basis to combat my vicious hay fever bouts.

Then, yesterday, my fears were partially allayed when I found out my Dad (from whom I inherited the wonderful hay fever gene) was basically leveled by a hay fever attack in the morning. He and my Mom were going to come over and help prime and paint the baby's room, which still sits only partially (and I stress partially) primed. Well, after that downer, of sorts, I decided to take the day off, as well, watch football, do some overdue shopping and just outright relax. It worked out, because I actually got my own hay fever attack in the evening that lasted into the night and disrupted (somewhat) my sleep, making me a bit tired today. Made me feel a little better about maybe there not being mold hanging out in our walls. But I'm still leery that when I pull that wood paneling off the basement family room walls, I'll find a jungle back there (I know, mold isn't a plant, but you get my drift). We shall see, we shall see.

That said, we've not made a lot of progress on things. We've been soooooooo busy with other things, it's been ridiculous. Hopefully, we'll get a couple weekends' respite before the holiday madness kicks in.

That said, I'm renting a van, once and for all, and we're cleaning out the storage space on the 13th of this month, come hell or high water. We could use that extra $100 that is going to line the pockets of the folks who own the storage facility we don't need. So, I'll get a crew together and we'll clean it out, pick up the couch and fridge from Gina's grandma's old place, figure out how to get it all in the house, and go from there.

Then, hopefully, we'll get the ball rolling on a few other things too.

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