Friday, December 28, 2007

The ceiling is gone...

two hard-working guys
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...and the baby furniture is here.

Luis, my longtime friend and reliable Building a Better Bungalow fan, came over today to help me with more demolition and debris removal, which was awesome, because we made great progress. We took the entire ceiling, which was some drywall-type board, down. As you can see from pictures, we were good boys and wore our masks and eye protection. Actually, Luis cheated and simply wore his glasses.

We had no major finds today, which is a good thing, because I was more worried we'd find dead mice or mice poop or something worse above the ceiling, below the floor of the first floor. But nothing other than a lot of dust and some weird biscuit-shaped hardened blobs of mortar or concrete or something similar. Maybe moon rocks? I don't know. Anyway, THANKS LUIS, for your help today. Was much, much obliged -- I hope the Golden Nugget breakfast and Hooters lunch was enough payment for your hard work!

Also, the baby furniture arrived today, finally. No problems, other than one of the backing boards on the changing table was damaged. So Gina wasn't happy about that. But, all in all, it looks good. My plan is to finish tearing the last wall off the family room and then switch gears and assemble the crib, hopefully.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures, as usual. There are actually PEOPLE in these again. Thrilling!


Sandy said...

Just remember to assemble the crib in the room it is intended to go in. It would be a bummer to get it all put together and find out it wouldn't go through the doorway. A young man in another blog did that and had to take it apart and reassemble it! A Happy New Year to you, Gina and family!!

Andy said...

Thanks! It's already up in that room, so we should be OK. I was certainly making the delivery guys carry it upstairs, given the price of delivery. Happy New Year to you as well!

wallach said...

Hi Andy-
I saw on an old blog that you used a good bungalow window repair guy (and maybe wood storms?) in the Chicago area. Can you send the contact info to me?