Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The holidays are over...

North window and mess
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...time to roll up the sleeves. Yes, basement renovation is under way. I'm fully aware this is a monumental task. I'm fully aware it's not going to be a quick job.

But, it should be noted: (1) I'm in no hurry; (2) I don't need slate countertops on my bar, nor do I need pure cherry or mahogany or whatever for this, that or the other thing; (3) I'm only renovating the family room, meaning I don't have to spend on a bathroom or anything ridiculously fancy.

So, this shouldn't destroy the pocketbook. Either way, it needs to be done. Thus far, our family room was an oversized catch-all. I want the room to have function. I want it to be the main room in which most of our daily family life occurs, given its size and coziness possibilities (once finished).

Today, I busted ass and ripped off quite a bit of the two-tone wood paneling, as you can see in the pictures. It went, surprisingly (knock on wood), very, very easily. Most importantly, I found little to no mold behind or on any of the walls. The foundation, with the exception of two cracks (one pretty serious-looking, but dry), looked to be in exceptional shape (again, knock on wood).

Tomorrow, demo continues. Also, I have our heating & cooling guy coming to assess the room for fireplace-readiness or if it would be more cost-effective to just install a couple baseboard heaters to tap into the main boiler system. I trust him entirely. :)

The plans, thus far, remain in place as originally hoped, but I'm sure that once I know the heating situation, I'll have to alter my plans one way or another. We shall see...tomorrow is another day! Another day of hard work...and I still haven't touched the ceiling just yet. That's coming, soon enough.

But I will sleep well tonight, because of the lack of major problems (you can't knock on wood enough in my household! knock on wood) and a general tiredness from being on my feet and working all day long. It was a good day.

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