Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Coupla things, nothing really eventful...

-- As we prepare for the arrival of our baby in about a month, we've been busy around the bungalow, but taking care of things other than the house. We had our baby shower this past weekend, so the nursery is full of stuff. As is the living room. Boxes and boxes of unopened baby stuff. But it's fun.

-- I finally talked to my cousin's boyfriend, who installs fireplaces for a living. Looks like we're getting a Heatilator Novus fireplace. We just have to figure out everything else around it. But at least I can feel as though I've got a better handle on what's going on with that now. He's supposed to come by in two weeks to check out the basement, measure, price and plan with me the strategy. I feel like I'm getting excited again...and that can be "dangerous" in terms of motivation to work. But that's "dangerous" in a good way, of course. I still have the one long wall to strip of the wood paneling. And, of course, then there's still PLENTY to do. :) But now I at least have an IDEA of what one facet of this family room remodel could look like.

-- Other than that, honestly, it's been slow going. I checked out the radiator situation under the upstairs floor through the holes in the floorboards in the crawlspace and did SEE the radiator pipes, but I can't get to them, so there's not much I can do aside from ripping up the carpet and floorboards in our master bedroom, and that's not happening any time soon. That means we'll have to live with the banging for a while. I guess, in a sense, it builds character.

-- More as events warrant, of course.

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Fred said...

Ah. character. It's so overrated :-) Good luck in the home stretch of the pregnancy. I know it gets exciting when there's presents in the baby's room. And, that radiator can wait! I think the average motivated homeowner has 95% of their projects on hold at any given moment :-)