Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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Well, on Monday we got our new mission-style glider and ottoman. Yes, it's beautiful, and yes, we'll be using plenty of baby spit-up protection over it while it serves its initial use up in the nursery.
Oh, and for anyone who thinks Gina wants only the best for her baby, I'm the one who pushed for this, because:
1. It is custom-made, handmade (Amish), and I'd make it myself if I had the tools, time and refined talent (I probably could, but it'd take years). I'm a sucker for top-flight craftsmanship.
2. It's the best for Mom and Baby. It's comfortable, smooth and quiet. Unlike the rocker we have in the living room now, from Value City Furniture, on which the springs bang and creak and everything after only a few years. This has no springs. Just swivel pins -- it's a glider.
3. After spending as much on the roof and things that NEEDED to be done, we deserved to spend on something for aesthetics. :)
4. It will go PERFECTLY in our living room after the baby (and future babies) no longer need it in their room. As opposed to the Babies R Us rockers, which would end up buried in the basement somewhere, probably. This will be a showpiece, and if it's as well-made as I suspect it is (AND IT BETTER BE, for the price), the baby will be rocked to sleep in it now and then will probably inherit it when we die.

I'm really happy, because there were a lot of problems with the store we bought it from (first pattern was discontinued, then not, then it was, delaying our order because we had to go and pick a new fabric; then, they built it but stained it the absolute wrong color). Fortunately, the made everything right, and rushed our correct order, so I feel better about the whole experience. It's a shame, because they were very nice people, and I felt bad getting angry at them. But, I'd expect mistakes like that from big box stores, not little suburban mom&pop custom shops. At least they made it right.

Now to go rest on the glider! ;)


Fred said...

It's always nice when stores make things right. Are you going to post a picture of the whole glider for us to see?

One Project Closer

Andy said...

Hey kidding. I was pretty angry, and I apologized after the fact for it. So I'm glad it worked out.

If you just click on the picture, it'll take you to Flickr, where I have a couple photos there.

Sandy said...

That glider is awesome! The Amish build quality that lasts for generations! I am glad that things worked out with the shop.