Monday, May 5, 2008

Decisions made (maybe), things planted...

Well, I didn't get around to cutting the grass until Sunday, as I was too lazy to change the oil and go buy gas for the mower on Saturday, especially given the dreariness of the misty rain falling as well. But I did cut it Sunday, and it needed it.

Also Sunday, I hung out with a few longtime friends at one of their daughter's baptism celebration. After chatting with a couple of the guys, two of whom have done some serious work to their houses, and one of whom remodeled his entire family room in his basement about 2 years ago, I've come to a couple conclusions.

1. I'm pretty sure I'm going to put down laminate flooring, assuming it isn't cost-prohibitive or my floors are horrifyingly uneven (which they shouldn't be, as I have carpet down there now, but we'll see). My buddy did a floating floor down in his basement and suggested the same for me. I'm probably doing that. Either way, the carpet's gotta go.

2. I'm framing the walls and insulating using 2x4s and fiberglass batts. That's what he used and says I'm right in thinking it's the best for my situation.

3. The serious work will come from the ceiling, which I hope will pay off in the end in terms of the look. I've described it before, I think, but if not, well, then it'll have to be a surprise. :) But we'll see for sure, I never know until you try, I guess. :)

4. In an unrelated issue, I have to fill up and test the backyard hot tub, as this friend might want it and would be willing to disassemble and haul it out of here, assuming it works. So that's good. I didn't want to have to sledgehammer the thing to bits (which I may have to do anyway, if it's broken and no one wants it), so that'll be great.

Aside from that, this evening after hitting the gym for the first time in a couple weeks (stupid Germany biz trip!), I came home and planted a whole bunch of bare-root and bulbs from a package of flowers I bought at Costco. Included Acidanthera (which I've never seen or grown before), Black-Eyed Susans and a blue Sage/Salvia type of plant. So we'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, my garden's doing OK...I only appear to have lost a couple of perennials over the winter, which is nice, and the plants I put in the new front porch planters are doing great, except the Coleus, for some reason. It says Part Sun, and that's what it gets, so I don't know what's up. But the other two plants are growing and blooming, and the marigold seeds I planted (that weren't eaten) have sprouted, so it should look great soon!

Now, if I only had the time/ability/money to get the other garden ideas I had going, I'd be set!


Sandy said...

Your flowers sound so nice. I'm intrigued by the "Peacock Orchid" (Acidanthera). Very pretty!

fred@opc said...

Black-eyed Susans - Maryland's state Flower! (Also what they put around the winning horse's neck after preakness - and I can't remember the name of what that's called) ...

We thought about laminate flooring and decided against it. My only gripe with laminate is the way it sounds -- it tends to "click" underfoot. If you find a way to minimize/eliminate this I think its an excellent choice. We're going to go with a stone/tile for sure, but we're also spending the effort on putting in heating - without heating, a tile floor would be fridgid. Hope things are going well around the house/fam and AJ is getting along. Our boys are SUPER excited that its summer - we've started "living" on the deck again.

basianov said...

Coleus - I've never had luck with them. I've been told that part sun is a lie, and they really want shade. The type of part sun they get matters (I had them in front of my house, which gets mid-day sun for about 3-4 hours, and that was too much for them).