Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer's here, I guess...

dianthus in front
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Didn't do too much today...although we did go out and buy a new microwave, which you can see the before and after of that on Flickr as well...really exciting, right? Hey, while you're there, check out all my garden pics...I've got some great things growing out there, and finally starting to do well. Including these Dianthus that I planted last year around the base of the tree out front that have come back (with the exception of one "runt" of the litter on the left side.

I like when perennials come back and thrive, making me, Mr. Stick It In The Ground And See What Happens, look good and knowledgeable. :) Happy rest of the weekend, everyone! Hope all your projects are progressing nicely...


Jennifer said...

I love perennials! My dianthus just started blooming this week.

Sandy said...

The flowers are SO pretty!

Andy said...

Jennifer: I love perennials too, especially when they really do come back! Then I have minimal work to's the best of all worlds.

Sandy: Thanks so much...I can't wait for the rest of the actual flowers to bloom on my other plants...I should have a really decent-looking setup this year, assuming everything goes well!

Green Plan(t) said...

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