Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another insulation disappointment...

Let me start off by saying this: I'm not complaining. I'm not saying that we need financial help more than others, because, honestly, we don't.

However, I was disappointed to hear that, after I got a quote for insulating pretty much every exterior wall and the floor between the 1st and 2nd floors, that the Energy$avers grant that the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association (HCBA) offers has completely run out of money. Therefore, they're giving no other grant money this year. Meaning, we can wait until next year, but there's already a backlog of requests that get "priority" over any new request...basically, it's a "get in line" scenario.

Now, I love the HCBA...I've professed that in previous posts. I think it's an awesome, awesome association for an awesome cause. But I was kind of disappointed that they'd not said anything about it, particularly on their Web site (which, honestly, looks nice, but isn't updated that often and could be better in terms of content, overall).

So, I decided to write an email to my alderman, letting him know that I hope he can push for additional funding for this grant next year. I can't imagine actually NEEDING this funds from this grant to fix my bungalow and stay warm (like some disadvantaged folks might have to do). It's just a shame I won't be able to reap the overall rewards of having the whole house insulated this winter.

As such, I will probably have the insulation company come out and insulate all the 2nd floor stuff, as it's not as expensive as insulating the 1st floor (between the plaster walls and brick). Pending, of course, whatever else happens around here.


Todd said...

Sorry to hear for the disappointment.
Hopefully some money will free up.
Best of luck!

denise said...

That's too bad about the HCBA grants. And here I've been so jealous of you bungalow owners within the city limits because here in the 'burbs we don't qualify for those at all!

FYI, when we had our energy audit done, they told us that the best thing you can do to insulate the first floor is to try to seal up the gap in the basement ceiling where the brick meets the joists (if it's unfinished and you can access it), and then at the attic floor gap (but I think you're 2nd floor is finished, right?). They said that the air trapped between the brick and the plaster acts as an insulator and that it's not worth the cost to try to insulate a space that is only about the width of your finger. So I suggest you save your money and forget about the 1st floor!

sweetlenny said...

Oh, major bummer! I *just* mailed in our request for the $500 energy saving appliance voucher for purchase of our bungalow. Looks like I'll be washing dishes by hand for a long time to come...

Andy said...

Todd: Thanks!

Denise: My thinking, exactly, was that since the major amount money and of "work" would be to do the first floor (behind the brick walls), we would put that off. But the upstairs has to be done, so I'm thinking we will probably end up just footing the bill for that. Which is OK...should pay for itself (assuming that's the problem).

sweetlenny: I'm not sure if the appliance voucher is affected by the same problem or not, honestly...I guess you'll find out--good luck. We used our voucher almost immediately on a new fridge, which, knock on wood, has served us very well.