Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Tis a fine barn, but sure 'tis no pool, English."

Day 2 fence 5
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The fence is DONE. Thankfully. I have way too many 8-foot 4x4 posts (several of which are bowed, which sucks), because we didn't have the energy (and didn't really need) to replace all the posts. So about 8-10 old posts made the "final cut" as it were. Yeah, they look marginally out of place with the new panels and new posts, but if they're sturdy, why go through all the trouble?

Anyway, the fence isn't perfect, as we had to go uphill a bit as we got closer to the house (who would think that a postage-stamp city lot would have "terrain"??? :) But it's good terrain, because it keeps the water flowing away from the house.

Now, the trick will be to fill and level the yard, particularly the area adjacent to the fence, so it doesn't flood. As you can see from the picture, we raised the fence up about 4-6 inches toward the alley, with the idea being that I'm going to get a load of dirt and fill that all in so it's more level with the alley (and the top of the concrete "piers" we created), and so the fence doesn't sit in floodwater whenever it does think about flooding.

So, the first test will be the first major windstorm...we sank those posts down about 3 feet, and dumped a helluva lot of concrete down there. In fact, I feel really, really, really sorry for the next person (hopefully it won't be me) who has to attempt to dig up those concrete piers. Good luck. You're gonna need a backhoe.

Of course, this whole project has left me tired and beaten down badly. So much so, I will probably hire someone to finish my basement family room. I'm not giving up on the DIY bit, that's for sure. But man, moving earth takes a LOT out of you. I'm not as dead tired today as I was yesterday, but I'm certainly more sore and stiff.

If I get any pictures of the full fence, I'll post them...but this gives you an idea.


Sandy said...

You had me laughing so hard when you were talking about those concrete piers!

CN said...

what are you doing about putting stain or water sealer on the fence? My dad advised that we do it in september, but the flooded basement kinda took over our lives. I think it might be too late with the cold and unpredictable weather.

Andy said...

I put Thompson's Wood Protector (the green-topped can) on both sides of the pre-assembled panels using a brush and roller brush. The posts are pressure-treated and as such didn't need sealant. I did this in the garage in spurts over the summer before putting the fence up.

Next year, or whenever I need to seal it again, I'll buy a cheap sprayer and just hit the fence on both side with the sprayer (probably...depending how messy).

I think it is too late in these parts to do it though...