Sunday, February 15, 2009

Danged previous owners' corner-cutting...

worst plumbing ever 1
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As I told the electrician, even if I TRIED to do a half-assed job on things, I couldn't have done this stuff and more stupidly than these people.

Our main-floor bathtub drain sprung a leak the other day -- fortunately, we were working on the basement, in the utility room, when it happened. Otherwise, it might have gone unnoticed for a time.

This is what I was greeted with. You can read all about the stupidity in the photo's caption on the page. It doesn't surprise me one bit...and although it's an "easy" fix, it's not something I need to do right now, given all the other work in the family room downstairs.

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Luis said...

I went through soemthing similar with my kitchen sink. The P.O. put the trap in backwards and could not get all of the pieces to fit tightly so he put a bunch of junk into one of the fittings.
It took me half a day to figure out that it was put in backwards. Once I realized that, it took me twenty minutes to rip it out and install a new kit.