Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Break stuff...

Well, last night is a night I'd like to just forget about.

First, the Internet crapped out. I have to schedule a visit from AT&T to check out the lines and everything...makes sense that the problem is probably IN the house, since there are several phones on the walls that are not active...so there's probably a second hard line installed--improperly I'm sure--that's created some sort of interference and the modem can't pick up the DSL signal. Let's hope it's something outside, not inside. If it is inside, however, then that Linebacker protection I've paid for all these years had BETTER take care of it.

Then, because our attic bedrooms get hot, and because the wind was blowing so hard last night, I opted to test out the bedroom A/C unit. Fell asleep to the beautiful, comfy hum of the A/C. Woke up to silence around 4am. Figured, great, it blew the circuit. Went downstairs though, and found that it had not tripped the breaker. Plugged the cable box into the outlet that the A/C was on and that worked. So, basically, the A/C unit itself broke. Great. Don't know how much of a pain THIS is going to be, but I guess we'll find out sooner than later.

Meanwhile, I just haven't had the TIME to do anything around the house, which irks the hell out of me. I've gotten one estimate on replacing windows in the bedrooms and dining room, but no others, and no roof estimates yet. I just haven't had a chance to call anyone.

Also, I've not been able to do anything outside, gardening-wise either, which also irks me. It's just been that crazy. Granted, there's no "rush" to anything, but still, I'd like to get started on some of these things...

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