Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Know a good plumber?

Well, I need to collect a list of plumbers who can come out and replace our supply pipe from the city to increase our water pressure overall. Anybody from the Northwest Side of Chicago out there who can recommend a good one? I'm not looking for cheapest--I'm looking for honest, licensed and high-quality worksmanship. In terms of honesty, I want someone who's going to do as minimal work as needed to improve our water pressure (in other words, if we don't need a booster pump, I don't WANT a booster pump--my pipefitter friend says I probably don't need a booster pump, and I tend to trust him--but he's no plumber, as he reminds me).

Please let me know if you do. You can post it in the comments box--heck, that'll give them some deserved publicity for anyone else reading this blog.



Aaron said...

Ugh. Sorry, but from our experience good plumbers in Chicago are tough to come by.

Let us know if you find one! :-)

Andy said...

That's "encouraging"... ;)

Assuming I find "super plumber," I will be sure to give him/her a glowing recommendation here, no doubt. :)