Friday, November 2, 2007

Two posts, for the price of one...

Wow, what could make me post again so quickly? Well, I tried bleeding the radiators tonight...then went to check on the furnace and all that down in the utility room. At this point, for whatever reason unnoticed before, I looked up the side of the chimney, on the back side of it, and noticed a potentially GREAT FIND, albeit for the future more than anything:

Watch the vertigo here...both of these pics are looking straight up. Now, the first is more promising, in a sense...and more puzzling. As you can see, there's about a 4-inch gap between what appears to be the old bathroom wall (you can plainly see the linoleum or whatever tile pattern on the left) and the new bathroom (shower) wall (studs on the right side). Now, there isn't much the can be done with that, per se, except to give us a few more inches whenever we decide we might renovate the bathroom...again, not a huge deal, probably...just puzzling, more than anything.

In the second photo, however, there's about a good 10 inches or so between the chimney (on the right) and the bedroom wall. The top or bottom wall (in this photo, for perspective) is the wall to the hallway just outside the would be AWESOME to have a small built-in of some sort put in there...maybe there was one originally, for all I know. Now, I can't see up the other two sides of the chimney, so I don't know how much space, if any, is there. But this is definitely an interesting possibility that I'm truly excited about. Albeit, again, more for the future than anything else.
While I was downstairs, by the way, I snapped pics of the handmade sofa we inherited from Gina's grandma (made by her grandpa, which I talked about back in September. I also snapped pics of the handmade coffee table and end tables...the ones with the in-laid wood (coffee table) and the faux marble that I'm going to try to remove somehow (end tables). So, enjoy!


Our Little Bungalow said...

I love the tables and sofa! How neat!

Karen Hu said...

Hi, Andy

I have been enjoying your blog for a couple of months now, but this is my first post.

I have a table very similar to yours w/ the inlaid interesting that it was handmade. Mine was purchased by my mother in the 70s from a decorator in Memphis.

I will take a pic of it at some point and send it to you so we can compare.


Andy said...

Karen, thanks for reading...and for commenting...

We're lucky to have these tables...hopefully someday I'll have some time to refurbish them (somehow)...for now, they'll just have to look marginally antique-y in our basement...but we'll see. I'm sure they're destined for better days!