Monday, February 4, 2008

Disappearing one...

So you're probably wondering where I've been. Or maybe not.

Well, in between shoveling out piles and piles of snow (about 8-9 inches late last week, followed by another 3 or so last night), we've actually been up to getting things done in anticipation of the little one, who is due in about three weeks.

Our parents were by on Saturday to help us make a quantum leap on the nursery, which is nearly done anyway. But they wanted to contribute, and boy, did they. First, we swapped the tan blinds in the nursery with the whitish blinds in our master bedroom down the hall. The Moms cleaned and dried the blinds by hand in the tub and on the kitchen counter (it's freezing up here in Chitown, so the hose is not an option). Meanwhile, Gina's Dad put together the baby swing and the bassinet. My Dad and I worked on hanging the new double valance and the decorative shelf on the wall, as well as putting the legs and drawer knobs on the dressers. We also did the actual disassembly and assembly of the blinds in the two rooms, once they were ready to roll.

In short, aside from a few arranging things, the room looks like a nursery now, and looks nearly complete. It certainly feels cozy now.

I'll post pictures on Flickr, most likely of the room soon. I'm hoping to get a new camera -- a Nikon D40 DSLR -- in the very near future, in anticipation of needing a good camera to catalog my baby's development and life. Yes, I'm likely to be that kind of parent, but that's because I wish I had more pictures of my life, period. Even the parts I DO remember. But I'm nostalgic like that. Just like I'd love to see pictures of my current home in its "past lives" if it was possible. Even though I had nothing to do with this house, it would be awesome to see who did and what they did with it. Someday, I'll get to the library for that aspect.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get the camera sooner than later. I've been totally hung up on whether to get the D40 or a Canon XT. It's been tough to choose, and since they're pretty similar, I'll likely go with the best deal available to me once I get the guts to pull off the purchase. :)

So, for now, sit tight...we're bound to have more information as we go along...and once the baby arrives, I'm sure it'll be really unpredictable as to how and when home improvement takes place.

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Fred said...

It's always nice when the family comes together to make a home improvement project work out. Maybe a subject of a post over on OPC sometime (the joy of family). Anyhow, We have a cannon sd800 - a little point-and-shoot camera that I have fallen in love with. It has its drawbacks, but for a compact quick-shot camera, it's really great.