Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a difference a day makes...

new arbor 1
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Though rain was predicted for today, it held off, and we had partly cloudy skies, meaning we saw some sun today! That allowed me to go out to the garage (well, I was going to do this rain or shine) and build the arbor I bought at Menard's the other day. The fact that it didn't rain allowed me to put it in the yard and plant the grape plants too. So here's a picture of the arbor. It's not in its permanent home, though, as that garden's still a thought in my mind rather than a reality. So for this year, this is where this arbor will go. Next year, it'll move to its permanent home at the entrance to the back garden, between the garage and fence (hopefully).

Now let's hope the grapes grow and do well, but don't go bonkers and overwhelm everything around here! I don't really know what I'm getting into, honestly! :)


basianov said...

The arbor is pretty!!

Did you already put plants in your pots?! Now, I have always been told to wait until Mother's Day. Sounds like an old wives' tale, I know, I know, but we've been having crazy weather lately!

Andy said...

Yeah, I did. I know I'm "risking" it, but there are two reasons I did it.
1. These pots are in the sun pretty much ALL DAY, so they stay warmer.
2. These pots are near the house, which certainly emanates some warmth, likely that we can't feel but changes the immediate climate directly near the house.

Either way, I think they're gonna be OK. And if not, I won't die if they die. Now, the grape plants, I'm a touch more worried about since i don't know much about them.