Monday, April 16, 2007

This time next week...

...barring any screwups, we'll have control of our new house.

So, in honor of the occasion, I actually did some packing tonight. I'll tell you, it's a good thing HGTV blew through here in February, because it really forced us to clear out most of our crap way in advance of moving. So now, because I packed up and buried most of my junk in the closet or in storage, it's boxed and pretty much ready to roll once we get the new keys. If anything, THAT alone may have made being on HGTV worth the while. Aside from the whole fixing up the condo for sale, of course. :)

Well, at any rate, I know that my captive audience is patiently awaiting pictures of the new house, but I'll keep the suspense on until we get the keys...the listing photos really don't do the place justice. You can wait a little more than a week, can't you?

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