Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two cool discoveries!

So, the previous owners left what I hoped they'd leave (without me asking directly for it). There was a HUGE aquarium in the garage. Didn't see it very well during inspections and such, because there was a bunch of stuff out there in the way. But, they left it behind. It's dirty, but today I wanted to begin to see if it passed a few tests before getting ready to move it inside into the basement. It appears, based on research and the dimensions, to be about 125 gallons. That's so freakin' awesome...

Test #1: Fill with water, check for obvious leaks.


I figured I would fill it first to check that it holds up before scrubbing it down. It took about 20-30 minutes using the hose (somewhat slower water pressure, mind you), but it filled and didn't leak. Of course, the pressure could cause a crack or rupture, and I'll return tomorrow to find it shattered all over the garage floor (and water everywhere), but if that's the case, at least it will do it out in the garage instead of all over the basement carpet. :)

Also, it appears that there will be no problem cleaning the thing.

But, I'm going to have to bribe about 4-5 strong friends to help me carry it into the house. I could barely lift one end myself of the tank ONLY. Yikes. :)

I'm really excited about this thing, obviously. :) You know how many fish I can put in a 125-gallon tank? You know how many tetras that is? That's like 100 tetras or more. :) Just imagine that...

Also, I discovered a crawlspace under the former back porch (now the kitchen)...I don't know how I missed this, or the inspector missed it or ANYONE missed it. Actually, I do know how...the hinged "access panel" is camoflaged quite nicely, plus, it's blocked by the door as you open it. Anyway, it's insulated and carpeted over the concrete, and it's pretty damned huge. Since the attic and basement are finished, I was growing concerned over storage space. But this should do the trick.

Furthermore, around the corner where the panel is located, there is ANOTHER fish tank...what looks like a 10-gallon. That will come in handy as a quarantine tank for the huge tank--assuming it is in OK shape. But also, there was a long wooden flower box that apparently once was on the front limestone "brackets"...it doesn't look too spectacular, honestly, but I didn't look that closely at it. I'll have to check it out more closely later.

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