Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost there...

feb10 nursery 1
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Well, we're 16 days from the baby's supposed due date, so it could be any day now. We've got a couple things left to do in the nursery, but here are some pictures of it during the day, since most of my pics have come at night. These pictures also have the benefit of Chicagoland's first day of sun in about one full week (seriously...that's not an exaggeration). Makes the room look much nicer, honestly.

Things will likely slow down on here for a few weeks after the baby is born -- just a warning. Those of you who are parents or have been I'm sure can understand (and are probably saying, "He doesn't even have a CLUE how quiet this blog will get!"). But I hope you'll all check in every now and then and see how things are going. The basement's half-demolished, there's plenty of painting and other remedies that need to be taken care of, and we'll have plenty to keep us busy with the house, aside from taking care of Baby.

As I go along, I'll be sure to keep this updated. Also, I'm getting a nice new camera Wednesday, so as I snap pics of the house/garden/yard/etc., I'll be sure to post them here. So, thanks all, for reading...and I hope you'll keep on reading, even when the posts get fewer and farther between at times. Or seem groggily written, at least. :)


Sandy said...

The nursery looks so nice. You all did a wonderful job!

Jennifer said...

Best wishes with the upcoming birth! The nursery looks so nice.

Fred said...

OK- this is the corny, techy side in me... but it would be AWESOME if you had a "leap" baby -- Feb 29 is right around your due date. Good luck on it and let me know when the baby's born so I can link back over on OPC. That's super exciting.

One Project Closer

Andy said...

Sandy and Jennifer: Thanks for the well wishes and the good luck...we're really excited! :)

Fred: Hey, I've been hoping for a Leap Day baby since the "due date" was determined...I think it would be great. :)