Saturday, February 16, 2008

How's that BABY doin'...

No baby yet, but I did get my camera and started playing around with it. It's so much better than the point-and-shoot we have. Granted, we'll still use that in a pinch or "bad weather," but this Nikon D40 is just fantastic. Took a bunch of pictures, messing around and at my bro's birthday "party" at my parents' house. But here's a nice one of the outside of our house in the backyard at night, with no flash. Looks great compared to what the point-and-shoot might have done.

I also got the baby car seat base installed in 10 minutes, after hearing from a multitude of people that it's gonna take longer than you think. Yeah, whatever. They forget, I'm a DIY-er...I should be able to run a belt through a carseat base and latch it to the bench seat. It wasn't tough at all. Now, we just have to level the seat, once we get the truck on level ground, and we'll be all set.

Oh, and I discovered another, more recent date that would be a cool time to have the baby born. That would be this Wednesday, Feb. 20. There's gonna be a total lunar eclipse. I think it would be cool, in some weird cosmological way, to have a baby born during a total lunar eclipse. Plus, isn't the old wives' tale that full moons typically spur childbirth on? :) Whatever, hey, I'm a complete nerd, so sue me. :)

Finally, in case you thought we'd done nothing on the house...we had a plumber come in to check out our water-pressure situation, and he said he could help...we're just now waiting for a quote and a plan from him. Once that happens, we'll schedule it, and then maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to take simultaneous showers here...that would be nice! :)

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Sandy said...

That new camera really takes a great picture! Looking forward to at least ONE baby picture!