Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update: Even worse possibility...

I drove by the bungalow this morning and got a better look, because traffic backs up right there, and I believe my absolute worst fears came to a head: I think this is actually a TEARDOWN. I didn't sit there long enough to see or confirm it for sure, but it looked suspiciously like the back of the house had been torn out already. Hard to tell, but man, this will be even worse if they put up a whole new building or condos or some crap. More later, after I pass by again on the way home.

I don't know why, but this has virtually ruined part of my day. What does that mean? Does that mean I should be doing something else with my life? Really, it shouldn't be my business, and I'm not looking to make it my business, but what does this total disappointment mean? I can't figure it out...I shouldn't be affected by this as much as I feel I am, especially since I have no PERSONAL connection to the house. It'd be a different situation if, say, this were my former residence or my grandparents' house or something like that, but it's not. It's not even close to where I grew up and not very close to where I live now. So what gives?

UPDATE 7 p.m. Tuesday: Well, I drove by the house on the way home, went around the block and approached the house from the back. If it's not a teardown, it's a complete and total gut job. As best as I can see, there is nothing left inside, really, except the brick walls, the floors and a few support posts. However, the back is semi-closed off, so maybe, just maybe, this is a complete gut job. I'd almost rather see that than a teardown, even if it means an ugly-ass addition to the top and/or back. More as events warrant.


Anonymous said...

This seems to be the way everywhere. Especially if real estate is prime. Tear out the old (even entire blocks which are complete neighborhoods in some places I've seen) and build up. It seems awful to do this but the truth is if we don't want sprawl, cities must build vertically. My only question is: Why not tear down the butt-ugly building that is already an eyesore and replace that?

Andy said...

I might be overreacting...after thinking about it and looking at the Street View photo of the place on Google Maps, I realized that the back porch (which I should have known, dummy) is frame and holding up the roof and attic too, so it goes to say that if they're putting on an addition, then they might have to demolish the back too. I just hope they aren't tearing it all down...I'd rather have an bungaloid constructed than have the whole thing torn down. At least something is salvageable from the shell, someday, if someone cares.