Saturday, February 23, 2008

The waiting game...

Still no baby...but it's not like we're late. Wednesday is the supposed due date. So we're OK. It's really just a waiting game there.

Also, no real developments in "Other People's Business" (the bungalow up on Nagle in the previous posts). I'm avoiding going and taking pictures as an excuse to use my fancy camera, because this blog is supposed to be about MY bungalow, not someone else's. :) Even though I know I'd have a relatively interested audience. Maybe I'll snap some pics, we'll's not THAT convenient for me, but maybe I'll make the effort.

Meanwhile, amidst waiting for the baby, we're trying to figure out when we can get the plumber out to fix the water pressure. So that's fun. More and more waiting! :)

The only real new development is that Gina and I went to H.D. today to buy some tools and look around. Bought a new hammer, a combo square, a mop, a corn straw broom, and a stiff wire brush. And some nightlights for the stairs.

I've been partially motivated to get back down to the basement, particularly since I've been slowly but surely figuring out Google SketchUp (motivated by Tiny Old House author Jennifer's post of a week ago). I've had SketchUp for a while now, and for whatever reason have had a devil of a time figuring it out (which is weird, because my brain works EXTREMELY spatially, so I should be able to have used it earlier).

Anyway, I decided it was probably time to start futzing around with ideas for the basement, given that we're going to be moving along more quickly, probably, than I'm lazily believing. So here's what I came up's pretty rough, and many of the details are lacking. Also, the sofa and loveseat are ENORMOUSLY too large, while the flat-panel TV is WAY too small. But it's just an idea...the bar is also not drawn in...that will go in front of the fish tank in the photo.


Our Little Bungalow said...

At least you guys are trying to take your mind off of things! Good luck for a speedy and hopefully fast delivery!!!!

Jennifer said...

Nice! Isn't it great to have a 3d visualization of it? It took me a day of being stuck in a hotel with nothing to do (business trip) to figure SketchUp out. I'm still playing with it!

Hope the baby comes quick and fast! Best of luck.

Fred said...

Nice sketchup work. I use Punch Architectural Series 4000. It cost me some $ but I had trouble with sketchup when I tried it 2 years ago... seemed hard to make things work. I'm sure its gotten better (all google things do). I really liked the online library of stuff you could download - I'm also sure that library has gotten bigger!

v. Cool

P.S. We're all in suspense about the baby. Can't wait to hear the good news.

Ethan said...

Do you know if it's a boy or girl? I had no idea Google Sketch-up existed. Any good resources for learning how to use it?

Andy said...

We do not know boy/girl...we're gonna be for learning tools, unfortunately, I don't know any. I'm of the "figure it out on my own" variety of person (which, if you read this blog when I'm actually engaged in a project, you'll pick up on that). I'm not someone directions were made for. :)

Aimee said...

Great idea to use Sketch Up! My hubby made a plan for a future project using a very advanced 3D program that I don't know how to use... I am going to have to learn the Google stuff and show him some of my plans. :)

Looks like a great idea so far though! Good luck with all the waiting.