Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's a race against time (Roofers 5, Bungalow 4)...

Water damage from yesterday's storms was mild, but annoying. The roofer offered to cover any damage (mostly to the 2nd bedroom light fixture/ceiling fan, where water came through), even though they were able to get tarps up over the entire house. This guy is the best...he's taken two bad situations--one of which he had no control over at all (the weather)--and made me and my wife feel good about things. That's why, today, the Roofers take a one-run lead over the Bungalow.

But, the clock is ticking. The roofer said they should be done today, barring anymore weather problems. I just looked at the radar, and there's a line of strong storms out west and north of the city, lunging forward, stalking my unfinished roof. Like I say above, it's a race against time. Let's hope the roofers win the race.

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