Monday, June 25, 2007

Round One: Bungalow 2, Roofers 1...

So, the roofers have been out and did a solid job from what I can tell in terms of quantity of work done. Although I can't tell much, since I can't actually get up on the roof. Here's a pic taken by my mother-in-law mid-day to give you an idea of the madhouse it is, apparently, when roofers take over the outside of your house. :)
That said, they made a big boo-boo today (thus the score of Bungalow 2, Roofers 1)...we'll see how the owner responds. If he's as reputable and as good as I've heard and as his company's supposed to be (it was a recommendation too), then I'm guessing there won't be a single problem.
If he's an ass, well, we have pictures. ;)
Also, but in the good news department, we received our Appliance Voucher from the HCBA (really, from the city through the HCBA), so we can go out and buy a new refrigerator now! No more stupid side-by-side (some people like them, I can't STAND it, particularly the freezer). Hooray for that!

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