Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Projects galore...

Well, we've decided to go with Cinnamon Frost (aka, "light brown"). I was never able to find any full-roofed photos using the colors, so I'll have to go on instinct on this one. Honestly, my instinct is not feeling very good about it. I have a feeling I'm not going to like it. So, here's hoping my feeling is wrong about this one. They're coming out Monday to do the work, which is exciting. :)

Haven't heard from our window repair guy. He was going to come out this past Monday to repair only our shattered window, but he never called. So, I'm assuming he's going to call when he has some free space in his schedule. Let's hope that's soon.

Meanwhile, I've been researching as best as I can how to install my 125-gallon fish tank that was left here behind the wall in the basement family room. Shouldn't be a terrible, terrible project.
Here's where I'm looking at installing it...on the wall that is behind the post in this picture. The wall part should be "easy" enough, even with the outlet down at the bottom. The utility room (boiler, furnace, etc.) is behind on the other side of that wall, and it has pretty solid clearance back's fixing up the tank that likely will be more difficult (and costly).

Also, I need to repair the wall in the upstairs bathroom after the roofers come through and re-roof the place. There's a nice-sized hole around one corner of the skylight, where we had some leakage and I wanted to dig out the drywall and take a look at what was going on underneath.

So, as usual, much to do, much to do. I need to, again, make a list.


Sandy & Michael said...

I think that cinnamon frost will suit your house, hopefully you are happy with the end result! Just be thankful you don't have to do the roof yourself, that is something I hope I never have to do again.
The fish tank sounds very interesting also. I would love to do a salt water aquarium some day.


debb said...

It's hard to tell from the photo but I think the color will look fine from what I can see.

You're so lucky your basement is already finished. Mine in a nightmare right now I'm pulling down 1926 sheet rock from the ceiling at the moment and layers of dust, coal dust from the old furnace, and cobwebs are falling on my head!

Andy said...

Yeah, we definitely lucked out...of course, there were a couple other bungalows we looked at that were cheaper that didn't have finished basements or attics, but the wife wanted something that would be a little less work than that... :) Of course, the final price also reflected the fact that the upstairs and basement were there are pros and cons to everything. ;)