Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ah, another [insert last name here] project...

Well, the "not so old" fridge is gone. But not without a brother and brother-in-law came over to help me wheel out the fridge to the garage. Thought it would be easy...but as the title says, it was another [my last name here] project. Welcome to my world. :)

We made, literally, five attempts to get the thing out the door. First, we had to take off the doors. Then, the hinges got in the way on the bottom. Then, the water supply hose in the back got in the way. Then, finally, some random bolts on the bottom of the fridge wouldn't let us through. Finally, we got it out the door.

I half joked that the deck would collapse under us once the fridge was on it. Part of me was surprised it didn't.

I apologize for no fun pictures of us struggling with the fridge...I still have to teach Gina to grab the camera rather than sit and worry about us scratching or damaging this, that or the other thing. Instead, here's a couple pictures of the blank spot where the fridge was and where the new fridge will go.

I hope the guys delivering the fridge tomorrow have an easier time of it, especially since I won't be here to help. I also hope they don't screw anything up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Your house looks really cute. Hope the fridge made it into the house with no problem. I actually like the new color of the roof. Can't wait to see the final plans of your garden. I keep staring at my blank yard hoping to come up with some ideas (and plants that will survive in this heat!). Good luck with the rest of your renovating! Sharri & Jeff Hanacek