Friday, July 6, 2007

We're back...and, oh yeah, we gotta fix that...

Just got back a few hours ago from our "first anniversary vacation" to the Bay Area...was definitely relaxing and nice. Didn't have to think about anything back here...until we got back and realized that, oh yeah, we still have issues to sort out. :)

One of the coolest things, though, about leaving on vacation for a week or so, is coming back to see how much your garden can change in that time period. It's awesome. My garden (in need of some weeding, now, however) looks pretty solid. I've got some decent-sized tomatoes growing on the one tomato plant I have, and several of my flowers have bloomed and look nice. So, that's always fun.

Actually, while out in California, I picked up my first-ever copy of "American Bungalow" magazine...mostly because it featured Berwyn, Ill., which is home to hundreds of Chicago-style bungalows, and I was curious about the magazine. I also snagged a gardening magazine, for some ideas. Got a couple good ones from that. Also got a few great ideas for furniture from the ads in the bungalow mag. Those would be long-term, obviously...I have too much to work on right now other than building furniture (which I know I could probably do, with the right tools, of course!).

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that we're back in the saddle...I'm (somehow) going to pick up our "new" china cabinet, a VERY nice piece that my friends are selling to me at a great price, as they are (sadly) moving out of state and don't want to move it. I don't blame them. :) Of course, someday, I'll want a vintage sideboard (I know EXACTLY what I want) in the dining room, but for now, this will work very well. I'll post pics once I get them.

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