Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fridge is in, cabinet hardware next??

Got the fridge earlier today. Apparently, the delivery men had a better time bringing the thing in through the front door, rather than going out the back. Ah well...that's OK. So it's in place, but I don't feel like taking a picture of it right now, so you'll all just have to wait. :)

Hopefully the window guy will call us tomorrow to schedule for next week. We gotta get these windows redone before we commit the money elsewhere. After the windows are restored and repaired, we'll probably ease into other projects. I still have to buy some new hardware for the china cabinet. I'm looking a set of Mission style knobs and backing plates, or possibly Mission style backing plates with bar pulls. Probably will go with the knobs and plates (to cover the double holes from the current hardware). But I have yet to measure to see if the plates will fit. That's kinda important, I know. But, I have to make this interesting for you all to read, don't I? :)
Anyway, that's enough for now...more as events warrant.


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Andy said...

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