Sunday, July 22, 2007

Garden happenings...

Bought one new flower today, but I had to weed, and I also bought some mulch to try to keep the weeds at bay. In all the gardening in Bolingbrook that I did, I never used mulch. Partially because, well, if I did, I'd have gone broke for all the mulch I'd have had to buy. :)

Anyway, check out the photos...the plants are doing really well...although I need to next year give the Butterfly Bush better support from the start, rather than halfway through the summer, when the thing has flopped over already. But it has drawn butterflies to the garden, as it advertises. :)

The mulch was on sale at Menard's, so I grabbed three big ol' bags of it for $1.99 each. Good ol' Menard's. I have more than enough mulch now, since I used only 1.5 bags of it for this little bitty garden.

So yeah, they say mulch does a good job of keeping weeds at bay, so we'll see how it goes. The frightening thing, which I didn't notice until I snapped these pictures? You can tell just how old the fence is compared to the color of the fresh mulch next to it. Hopefully that fence will be replaced next year...hopefully.

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Luis & Monica said...

You save big money. You save big money when you shop Menards!